Hair Extensions

Specialists in 100% Human Micro-Bead Hair Extensions based in Birmingham.

Have you always dreamed of long-flowing shiny and beautiful hair? Well dream no longer as we can match the shade of your hair perfectly to provide thicker, longer, wavy or straight hair. Image Freelance Hair only use 100% Human Hair Micro-Bead Hair Extensions to leave you with tangle-free hair with a beautiful natural feel. Your new hair extensions can be heated, curled, dried & cut. Just style like your own hair.

Wedding Trial

Bridal Hair Trial:£40
Bridesmaid Hair Trial (each):£35
Mother of the Bride Trial:£35
Flower Girls Trial:£20

Wedding Day

Bridal Hair:£70
Bridesmaid Hair (each):£55
Mother of the Bride:£55
Flower Girls:£30

Rest assured that however you picture your dream day, we can help you find the perfect bridal hairstyle to match. You will look elegant, beautiful, memorable, and very, very you!

As a specialist wedding hairdresser I understand current hair fashions, trends, ideas and know the best products for your hair. You can benefit from my product knowledge, wedding hairstyling techniques and expertise, You can even learn some tips along the way!

A trial service, prior to your wedding day is offered for both you and your bridesmaids.

Curly Wedding Hair

Curly Wedding Hair worn down is generally what brides choose, as for most it provides something out of the ordinary from their usual look, and allows more to be done in the shape of hair accessories.

With this said, straight hair can be styled to create an astounding look, and hair accessories can look lovely. In addition to this, having your hair straight and down is low maintenance, giving you one less thing to worry about on the day.

Wedding Hair Up

Wedding Hair Ups are the most popular choice for brides who want to scream elegance whilst showing off your lovely face and immaculate make-up.

Wedding Hair Ups are also very practical, as it is rare to find a hair out of place at the end of the day and it can last throughout any weather. You have two main options with your Wedding Hair Up do, either a curled up do or a straight up do.

If you are stuck between having your hair up or down, then why not consider a half up half down style, which is interesting and easy one the eye, and has the benefits, of giving you the femine length, flow and beautiful of hair which a hair down provides, whilst the elegance and practicality of a hair up.